What to Expect for the Interview

The interview is an opportunity for you to show us what we can’t see on paper. It’s for us to get to know you, your team, and to get a deeper understanding of your idea. It is important to be on your A game for the interview, because this will be your one shot to impress us.


These times are guidelines, not hard deadlines, but should be followed as closely as possible.

5 min – Introduce yourself and your team

We want to know as much pertinent and relevant information about your background as possible and what you bring to the table for the company. The team is just as important, if not more important, than the idea itself. We need to know you have what it takes to be successful with your idea.

60 seconds – Elevator pitch

You need to be able to tell us in one minute what your idea is, what it does, and why it’s awesome. This is crucial but often tough to do because you need to be very succinct and have a very clear understanding of your product or service.

5-10 min – Describe your idea or business in detail

This is where you breakdown the details of your idea. On top of learning about what the idea is and what it does, we want to know how you plan on building it, what you need to succeed, and want to know how you plan on making it successful (in other words, how you plan to make it profitable). These may change over time, but if you have no idea how to make money with the idea, then it’s going to be difficult to prove to us that you’ll be a good fit for acceleration.

5 min – Describe your vision

Where do you see this going? What is your end goal? What is this idea going to look like in the next 2 months to 2 years?

5-10 min – Questions from us

5-10 min – Questions from you

5 min – Last remarks

Anything you forgot to say or we forgot to ask.




  • Don’t use “pie in the sky” language. Be realistic and specific. Everyone has “the best idea” and everyone wants to disrupt giant industries. If you really believe that, then tell us specifically how you are going to do it. You only have short amount of time to impress us.
  • Know your competitors. There are very few businesses that start today that don’t have some type of competition. It’s okay to have competitors. It’s not okay to say you’re better than them without justification. A team who tells us that their competitor does X very well and it will be a hurdle beating them, but that the team does Y better and that’s how they’re going to differentiate themselves is  more impressive than someone who says “we don’t have any competition.”
  • If you’re not sure about something we ask you, don’t make something up. Be honest and tell us how you’re going to get that information or achieve that goal.
  • Don’t just repeat your application to us. We’ve already looked at that. Explain it in better detail and show us how your team is going to be successful.
  • Dress however you feel most comfortable. We dress casual to business casual depending on the day. You don’t get bonus points for wearing a suit, and you don’t lose them for wearing shorts. All we care about is the quality of the team and the quality of the concept.