1. Fill out an application at

  2. We review your application and invite you to come in to the alley to pitch your idea.

  3. If we like your team and your idea, we’ll talk details and if you accept our offer, we’ll move you into the Alley.

Info & Expectations

If we invest in you, you’ll be expected to take an office within the Alley and participate in the community atmosphere.
(You can expect an investment somewhere between $10,000-$100,000 for a minimum of 5% of the company).

We want you in the Alley only if we feel you are very serious about building a business and making the necessary choices and sacrifices to do so.

You must have done enough due diligence to know who your competitors are, what it will approximately cost to startup, and how you are going to implement your idea and make money from it.

After you move in, we’ll immediately start to work with you to develop milestones and growth initiatives. We’ll also begin to connect you with the proper industry-specific mentors as needed.

We frequently hold events at GrandSlam Alley. You are welcome to attend any and all you are interested in.