We are a new type of business accelerator based in Troy NY, the heart of the gaming and technology community in Upstate NY. Why Troy? It is a city whose time has come! It’s a funky place where you can feel the electricity of change all around you. GrandSlam Alley is helping to cultivate this change.

Our model is different! GrandSlam Alley is an accelerator manned full time by experienced entrepreneurs and business people. We will help your company succeed with our results driven, milestone based, incremental funding model. We have an amazingly strong network of mentors to assist your company in moving forward FAST!

GrandSlam Alley is part of a strong and growing gaming and software ecosystem in Tech Valley. We expect to see Troy become the gaming capital of the world over the next five to ten years. We want to assist in the accelerated growth of your company. Fill out our application and let us help you “hit it out of the park”!